Tim Pham


Product Designer


Jul 2020 - Dec 2020



Buying last minute tickets to a sold-out concert can be tough and time consuming. It's not uncommon practice for people to buy tickets and sell them later at a higher price. Some desperate buyers resort to third-party services like StubHub that charge expensive fees. Others use social media to buy from locals, but risk being scammed.

Plurchase is a mobile app that I designed that will expedite the transaction process and allow concert attenders to connect with verified buyers and sellers.

Client: Personal Project

Timeline: July 2020

Team: Tim Pham

Product Designer, UX Designer

Understanding the user

In my research, I interviewed 6 participants who identified with going to concerts frequently (2+ a year) and had them describe their experience with e-ticket transactions.

My search lead me to investigate ticket exchange groups and event pages on Facebook, where buyers and sellers post listings and directly message each other for details. Users use a variety of tools like Venmo and e-mail to forward each other funds and ticket PDFs. This process is unreliable and risky for both parties.

Research Findings

After conducting my primary research, I was able to start drawing conclusions about what issues users faced while exchanging tickets online. I used tools like affinity maps and user journeys to identify key trends and pain points about concert attenders from the data.

Here’s what I found:
Buyers were worried about not receiving their ticket or paying unfair prices.
• Buyers did not want to pay extra processing/service fees for second-hand tickets.
• Sellers were having trouble establishing their credibility with buyers who want to sell their tickets online.

Low Fidelity Wireframes
Persona (Kyle)

My observations allowed me to create a persona with an active concert-going user in mind. My persona's main issue is not being able to sell his ticket to a trusted buyer. These learnings helped inform my design decisions and create a user flow solving my persona's problem.

Final Designs

Through sketching and rapid rounds of iterations from my initial designs, I was able to design high-fidelity wireframes of Plurchase. As part of my challenge to create a cohesive product, I focused on developing a style guide and logo. I chose to use dark and bold colors to help the user feel excited about getting tickets to their favorite show.

Lo/Hi Fidelity Wireframes
Design Style Guide

Easy Listing for Sellers

Plurchase allows users to create and find postings for e-tickets in their local area.

Creating a listing is as quick as inputting the event date, ticket price, and listing info. Sellers are required to upload the e-ticket PDF before publishing a listing.

Sellers will be able to obtain a “verified status” by connecting their bank account and buyers can give sellers rating scores. These features allow users to safely buy and sell tickets, while aiming to discourage dishonest behavior between users.

Safe Purchases for Buyers

Plurchase allows buyers to purchase tickets using their credit card and immediately receive the e-ticket PDF.

Buyers have the capacity to search for a listing that matches their budget and location. Buyers will able to rate sellers out of 5 stars to promote good business practices. This ensures that good business is rewarded and unreliable users are less likely to be contacted.

I also wanted to include in-app messaging so that buyers can contact sellers if they have questions or prefer to meet in person.

User Feedback

After conducting usability tests with my hi-fidelity prototype, 100% of tested users were able to successfully post a listing and buy a ticket to a concert. I received positive qualitative feedback about the design and practicality of this app. My testing results indicated that I should think more about the business model and that the verification status idea could be further investigated. 

Questions to explore:
• Are there different ways to accurately verify users like obtaining a driver's license? 
• How do we actively address users that abuse the app?
• Can we partner with ticket vendors to sell tickets? How will we earn revenue besides ads?

User Testing Quotes


Overall, I enjoyed working on this project because it allowed me to practice my product thinking skills and the end-to-end design process. This was a concept that I explored before enrolling in my UX bootcamp and I spent time iterating after completing the course. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to develop this app together! 😆

My next steps would be do more research on questions asked during the testing phase and A/B test to obtain metrics that might help improve the design.

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