Tim Pham


Product Designer


Jul 2020 - Dec 2020



Problem: Buying last minute tickets to a sold out concert can be tough and time consuming. There is usually a huge demand for tickets close to the concert date. With forums and social media, it's easy to connect with sellers but difficult to find credible sources. Inexperienced buyers are often victims of ticket scalping and scamming online.

Solution: Plurchase is a marketplace mobile app that expedites the ticket transaction process and allows concert attendees to safely meet and buy from local sellers. This is a personal project that I designed to try and solve a problem in my life.

Client: Personal Project

Timeline: July 2020

Team: Tim Pham

Product Designer, UX Designer

Understanding the user

In order to begin understanding the user of this app, I looked online for answers. This included interviewing 6 college-age concert attendees and conducted field research to learn more about ticket exchanges.

Here's what I learned:

• Ticket exchange services like TicketMaster and StubHub can charge up to 25% of the ticket price in fees. This is a very expensive fee that very few buyers are willing to pay.

• Buyers and sellers post listings on social media and directly message each other for payment. This process can be risky and reliable for both parties.

Research Findings

After conducting research, I was able identify trends relating to issues that users face while making purchases online. I used empathy-building exercises like affinity mapping and user journeys to organize the qualitative data and synthesize key insights.

Key Insights:
Buyers are worried about not receiving their ticket or paying unfair prices.
• Buyers did not want to pay extra processing/service fees for second-hand tickets.
• Sellers have trouble establishing their credibility with potential buyers.

User Flow

My observations allowed me to create a persona to focus in on my research. I determined that the user's main issue is not being able to buy a ticket from a trusted seller. Furthermore, persona pain points help inform and guide my flows to solve this user problem. In the flow below, a seller must verify their identity via SMS confirmation before being able to post a listing on the app.

Visual Design

Through sketching and rapid rounds of iterations from my initial designs, I was able to design a high-fidelity prototype for Plurchase. As I was the sole designer for this project, I focused on developing my own style guide and logo for the brand.

Lo/Hi Fidelity Wireframes
Design Style Guide

Final Design (Sellers)

Plurchase ensures verified sellers are able to post listings for e-tickets in their local area.

Creating a listing is as quick as inputting the event date, ticket price, and listing info. Sellers are required to upload the e-ticket PDF before publishing a listing.

Sellers will be able to obtain a “verified status” by connecting their bank account and buyers can give sellers rating scores. These features allow users to safely buy and sell tickets, while aiming to discourage dishonest behavior between users.

Final Design (Buyers)

Plurchase protects buyers while buying tickets using their credit card and immediate transfer of the e-ticket PDF.

Buyers have the capacity to search for a listing that matches their budget and location. Buyers will able to rate sellers out of 5 stars to promote good business practices. This ensures that good business is rewarded and unreliable users are less likely to be contacted.

Plurchase includes in-app messaging so that buyers can contact sellers if they have questions or prefer to meet in person.

User Feedback

After conducting usability tests with my hi-fidelity prototype, 100% of tested users were able to successfully post a listing and buy a ticket to a concert. My testing feedback indicated that I should think more about the business model and the verification status. This means exploring how this app will earn revenue and recruit new users in the long-term.

Questions to explore:
• Are there different ways to accurately verify users like obtaining a driver's license? 
• How do we actively address users that abuse the app?
• Can we partner with ticket vendors to sell tickets? How will we earn revenue besides ads?

User Testing Quotes


Overall, I enjoyed working on this project because it allowed me to practice my product thinking skills and the end-to-end design process. Plurchase came from my own experience with going to concerts, so I was happy to design a solution that I would use for my own life.

My next steps would be do more research on questions from the testing phase and launch the app to obtain metrics that might help improve the design. I will also do competitive research on ticket-exchange services like TicketMaster to better understand their services.