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About Me

My mission • As a UX designer, I have a deep fascination with technology and people. I seek to empower and connect humans through my work. I am a well-rounded designer with strengths in user research and interaction design. I hope to design for emerging XR technologies in the future.

My background • I'm a recent University of Washington graduate with a B.S. in Biochemistry. I also received a certificate in UX Design from General Assembly. My work experience includes designing for startups, non-profits, and B2B businesses. After graduating with a STEM degree, I was formally introduced to UX through a friend and discovered my passion for design. My strong problem solving and communication skills have been valuable assets that helped me transition from a non-traditional background. I'm passionate about sharing my journey and helping people breaking into tech, because I believe everyone should have access to a rewarding career path. I'm always looking for opportunities to apply my unique scientific knowledge to my work.

My values • With a strong background in research, I build upon data to craft delightful and meaningful solutions to everyday problems. I believe that collaboration, compassion, and open-mindedness are important tools in design. I work with a growth mindset and actively learn from my mistakes. My design philosophy is to promote diversity and accessibility through technology and company culture.

My personal life • I'm a proud Vietnamese-American and I was raised in Seattle, so I've spent a lot of time exploring the PNW. In my free time, I enjoy photography & listening to EDM. You can always catch me watching Netflix, hiking with friends on the weekend, or trying new places to eat!